Consulting and digital marketing for professional businesses that want to scale their bottom line.
Leveraging our deep understanding of psychology, human behavior, and digital marketing, we know how to reach the right people, at the right time, with the right message, on the right platform.

Our Mission…

At Underground Masterminds, we solve problems for professional businesses. Our top priority is connecting you with your community, creating lasting impact, and successfully growing your business in this digital world.

We ❤️ Our Clients

Understand Our Three-Step Approach

Step 1: Diagnosis

We solve problems for our clients. First, we need to understand those problems.

Before we can prescribe you a solution, we must first diagnose your business to better understand your local market, demographics, online visibility, and business goals.

Step 2: Present Findings Report

In our findings report, we present missed opportunities, concerns, feedback, and professional advice.

This provides you with a better understanding of how to be more visible online, better position your business for maximum impact within your community, and attract new clients.

Step 3: Prescribe Solution

We will prescribe a solution that will connect you with your community, create lasting impact, capitalize on opportunities, and position your business as a leader in its filed. 

We have a deep understanding of tech and digital advertising

Google Practice
Profile Optimization

A well-optimized Google profile will make it easy for both practice and non-practice members to find you over your competitors in a Google search and on Google Maps™ when searching for new chiropractic care.

Practice Profile Listings Optimization

Optimized listings from maps, apps, search engines, GPS, and social networks can help you reach more non-practice members through different online channels.

Website Design

Your website is the online centerpiece for your practice. The design, code structure, layout of content, type of content, ease of use, speed, and responsiveness on mobile devices determine the user experience and influence trust, authority, and online visibility.

Facebook Ads

YouTube Ads

Social Media Management

Having a presence on social media is essential to your potential patients and community. Often potential patients will check out your social media presence before becoming a practice member. Relevant, branded, up-to-date social media content will position your practice, core values, and beliefs to the public. It will build a deep connection within your community.

Reactivation Campaigns

Lead Nurture Campaigns

Lead nurturing is investing in relationships with your leads, potential patients, and patients on your email list. Do not ignore the value of your email list. Smart, engaging, infotainment messaging that entertains and informs will increase practice revenue and active patients.

Reputation Management


What is the Better Practice System?

Developed from decades of experience in digital marketing, the Better Practice System is the proven method we use to help chiropractors like you become more discoverable online.

What sets you apart from other “chiro” marketing companies?

Trust us, we get it. You’ve worked with other marketing companies before, and your results were probably not what you expected. As a result, you’re hesitant to sign up for another.

We work with top leaders in the chiropractic industry. While that alone speaks volumes, the results we deliver ultimately sets us apart from the other guys.

How do I know you will be a good fit for my practice?

We are selective in who we work with. The best way for us to determine if we are a good fit would be to schedule a call with us.

What are the next steps to working with Underground Masterminds?

The best way to learn more or get started with us is by booking a call! This will give us the opportunity to learn more about your practice and see how we can help you grow.