Better Practice System™

Google Practice
Profile Optimization

A well-optimized Google profile will make it easy for both practice and non-practice members to find you over your competitors in a Google search and on Google Maps™ when searching for new chiropractic care.

Practice Profile
Listings Optimization

Optimized listings from maps, apps, search engines, GPS, and social networks can help you reach more non-practice members through different online channels.

Website Design

Your website is the online centerpiece for your practice. The design, code structure, layout of content, type of content, ease of use, speed, and responsiveness on mobile devices determine the user experience and influence trust, authority, and online visibility.

Facebook Ads

Having a presence on Facebook is no longer optional for chiropractic practices. Boosting posts is not as efficient as it used to be. To connect with new patients on Facebook, you must harness the power of the ad manager, pixel, and data to pinpoint people in your local area. Place your new patient offers and Dinner with Doc meetings in front of the right demographic, at the right time, at the right location.

YouTube Ads

Video is the most engaging way to connect with a potential patient online. Simply uploading videos to YouTube will not suffice. Place your new patient offers, Dinner with Doc meetings, and other event videos in front of the ideal patient in your local area with the power of Google data.

Social Media Management

Having a presence on social media is essential to your potential patients and community. Often potential patients will check out your social media presence before becoming a practice member. Relevant, branded, up-to-date social media content will position your practice, core values, and beliefs to the public. It will build a deep connection within your community.

Reactivation Campaigns

Patient retention is the most important investment any practice can make. Increasing patient retention increases practice profit. Most practices do not have a reactivation campaign strategy. Instantly increase active patients by reactivating inactive patients using direct response email.

Lead Nurture Campaigns

Lead nurturing is investing in relationships with your leads, potential patients, and patients on your email list. Do not ignore the value of your email list. Smart, engaging, infotainment messaging that entertains and informs will increase practice revenue and active patients.

Reputation Management

The online reputation of your practice will either benefit or harm your practice. Negative online information will turn away potential patients. Positive online information will attract more patients and help your online visibility in Google. Protect your reputation—your most important asset.

The Tools For Online Success

Google Practice Profile Optimization

Practice Profile Listings Optimization





Social Media Management


Lead Nurture